Our center has been providing courses for AS and A level students for several years. 

The Cambridge International AS and A Level Chinese programmes enables learners to achieve greater fluency, accuracy and confidence in the written language, and improve their communication skills. 

They learn how to improve their use of Chinese in a variety of situations, understanding how to read texts and other source materials, and how to extract information, and respond to questions in writing.

An AS or A Level is recognised around the world by schools, universities and employers. The qualifications are accepted as proof of academic ability for entry to universities worldwide,though some courses do require specific subjects. Cambridge International A Levels typically take two years to complete and offer a flexible course of study that gives students the freedom to select subjects that are right for them. Cambridge International AS Levels often represent the first half of an A Level course but may also be taken as a freestanding qualification. They are accepted in all UK universities and carry half the weighting of an A Level. University course credit and advanced standing is often available for Cambridge International A/AS Levels in countries such as the USA and Canada.
Our A level student Laura scored A's in both AS and A level Chinese exams! That means she have got into Exeter University which is her top choice!

 Laura 2